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New Mexico Media Day Event
at Portales High School in Portales, NM


Media Day!

Coaches Aid welcomes teams from around the state to our 2012 Media Day event at Portales High School in Portales, NM.

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All spring sports teams welcome (Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball and Wrestling).


Head coaches, principals or athletic directors and up to five players from each team are invited to attend the event.


8:00 am to 1:00 pm — Lunch will be provided

What to Expect

All teams will be interviewed on-air (streamed live). There will also be a press area for other media to attend. On the main floor will be booth exhibits. Also, all participants can take part in a leadership seminar where they will attend a presentation focused on character, decision making, leadership and teamwork.

Guest Speakers

Along with the usual festivities, Coaches Aid also brings in featured guest speakers to our events. Below are three gentlemen that spoke at our various Fall Media Day events. Schedules permitting, we will be bringing one of them back for the Winter event as well.

Bill Cordes, known nationally as "The YOGOWYPI Guy" for his trademark You Only Get Out What You Put In philosophy will intrigue, entertain and inspire you. Learn more at www.billcordes.com.

Billy Cox is an internationally recognized business leader, author and inspirational speaker that energizes people to dream big, take action and achieve results. Learn more at www.billycoxinternational.com.

Alan Milacek, a retired Air Force hero, is another of our special guests on hand to speak with those in attendance.

by Touchstone Energy Cooperatives

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