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Camp Classifieds - How It Works

The CoachesAid.com Camp Classifieds section makes it easy for Camps and Campers to find a perfect match.

    • List your camp for free and advertise it to kids and parents on the CoachesAid.com site. Take online paid reservations without the hassle of paperwork.
    • Research the camps on CoachesAid.com to find the right fit for you. See one you like? Reserve your spot online immediately by clicking the camp's "Sign Up" button.



  • It's FREE and EASY! 
  • If you are not already a registered member of CoachesAid.com, do so by clicking the "Register" link at the top right of the site.
  • Click the "Add a Camp" button at the top of the camp section.
  • Fill out the form to describe the type of camp you are offering and all the important details interested campers need to know:
    • Type of Camp
    • Dates and Times
    • Ages
    • Location
    • List the Instructors
    • Include Testimonials
    • Price
  • Once finished, your camp will be listed for free on the CoachesAid.com website where prospective campers can research your ad and complete a paid reservation online.
  • All transactions from paid reservations will be handled by Google Checkout. Paid reservations will accumulate in your account and be deposited to you upon completion of your camp date(s).
  • CoachesAid.com adds a $10 convenience fee to each paid reservation. 

  • Research and Find the right camp for YOU!
  • Click on "Camps" at the top of the CoachesAid.com site.
  • Use the filtering tools to browse for camps you are interested in. Filter by state, city, sport or use the search box to browse.
  • Click on a camp to see its details and to see the price.
  • Click the "Sign Up For Camp Today" button to begin the reservation and payment process.
  • All paid reservation transactions will be completed through Google Checkout.
  • Once your registration and payment is complete, you will receive a ticket to the event via email.
  • On the day of the camp, take your ticket for admission.

article updated on 04/27/11 09:37

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